Gyroor Electric Scooter And Bike

We haven’t been RVing of late, but we have had the Gyroor X8 electric scooter and the Gyroor C2 folding bike for a few months now and found that we get more use out of them than expected. Personal favorite use is to throw one in the car’s trunk when we need to take it in for service, or a tire patch. No one wants to spend hours sitting and waiting for the car, and in our neighborhood, we are even less excited about the prospect of the inevitably hot, two-mile uphill walk home. Problem solved! Pull out the bike or scooter and find your way home in minutes, saving yourself the time while waiting for the service center to call when it is ready for pickup, AND, our favorite part, not having to coordinate schedules or bother other people to shuttle you back and forth. Check out what we think about each model and see if they might be a good fit for you.

Gyroor X8 Electric Scooter

The X8 has 3-speed modes, but I’m sure just about everyone will leave it on the sporty setting unless you are in desperate need of extending the range with a lower speed to be able to get home.

The Gryoor Electric Scooter can easily get up to 18 Mph on flat ground, but with a slight downhill, it can go much faster. Where it excels in comparison to my Ninebot E45 scooter is in its uphill power. We live in a hilly beach community in Southern California and getting back home from the beach on the Ninebot E45 is not effortless – I typically have to manually kick up several hills to get home. With the Gyroor X8, I zoom up the hills with no problem. It also accelerates much faster than the E45.

When it comes to the range of the Gryoor X8 Scooter, I can typically get about 10-15 miles traveling at as full speed as possible on our hilly terrain, which is far from the listed max 31 miles, but about as expected considering the drag on the charge for the hills. It’s also comparable to range on the same terrain as the E45.

When it comes to riding quality, the X8 has an air-inflated tire in the front along with a front suspension that gives you a significantly more comfortable ride than other scooters with solid tires. The back tire is reliable. The downside of air-inflated tires is that you have to maintain them like a bike tire, but the smoother ride you get in return, in my opinion, is well worth it. If your area has gravel or uneven roads/surfaces, air-filled tires are still great, but you may have to deal with a flat once in a while.

Folded up
Compared to the Ninebot E45, I think you get a lot of value out of the Gyroor X8. It consistently goes faster and climbs much steeper hills and it overall has a slightly better ride quality because of its air-filled front tire.

There are two things I would have improved about the X8. The first is the weight. It comes in at a hefty 48.5 pounds and putting it in the back of my car takes a little effort. The other one is the single break on the front wheel. With so much weight behind it, stopping takes longer than other scooters I have driven.

I strongly recommend the Gyroor X8 scooter. It is an incredible electric scooter option for anyone who needs to run an errand within a few miles and doesn’t want to hassle with their car and fight for parking, or wants to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with minimal effort. We think it would work well in just about any environment with paved roads.

Gyroor C2 Foldable Electric Bike

It has inflatable tires so the ride is relatively smooth on fairly even surfaces, and the bigger wheels compared to the scooter smooth out small bumps pretty easily – other shock absorption is not necessary as you will not be taking this thing off-road.

With regard to riding on roads, the Gyroor C2 foldable bike can easily get up to about 18Mph, but it is not nearly as peppy in its acceleration as the X8 Scooter. It also struggles significantly more than the scooter on steep hills and, without any pedals, you can’t help out if a hill is too steep for the bike. We feel that the C2 bike is definitely much better suited for flatter terrain than where we live.

The real-world range at mostly full speed in not very hilly terrain is about 8-10 miles. The C2 has 3 speed modes, but just leave it on the highest one and you should be fine – the other two were too slow for us. The only time we could see using them was if you had a kid learning to ride and you needed something more on the slow and steady side.

One of the key selling points of this model electric bike and the part that we thought was really cool for certain environments is that it can be collapsed into a small half-moon circle and even has 3 tiny wheels you can roll it around with while it is collapsed. This may be very useful in a big city environment if you have to collapse it downstairs and take it with you in the elevator and store it under your desk during the day. In big garage suburbia where we live it’s really only useful for storing it away in a garage cabinet if it’s not going to be used for a while.

Folded up
There are a few things we would improve about the C2, but none of them are dealbreakers. It’s fairly heavy at 43 pounds so carrying it is not easy, but that is where the collapsible frame and small transport wheels mentioned earlier come into play. It only has a single disk brake on the front wheel and some may not like this in a bike, but like with the scooter, understanding this limitation in advance helps you plan for avoiding sudden stops. The last thing is the clasps used to undo and re-engage when you fold the bike. They are very secure, but a little cumbersome to tighten correctly for easy folding, storage and use. It took us a couple of days to get the tension right so that folding the bike wasn’t a chore.

Overall, we would strongly recommend this little electric bike for anyone living in an urban environment – if you have 5 or fewer miles each way and need the flexibility of folding it and bringing it with you, this model fits the bill.

The Gist
For us personally, we prefer the X8 electric scooter of the two, primarily because of where we live, and honestly, the scooter is just a lot of fun. That said, we can see that the C2 bike would likely be a great fit for a city dweller and in flatter areas or where the roads are just too rough to ride the scooter. The scooter is much quicker to get up to speed, but both of them max out at around 18mph and easily cruise along at that speed for several miles. While we wish these both came in at a lower weight, we love the pep and power of the X8 Electric Scooter in the hilly terrain where we live and think that the foldability and transportability of the C2 Electric Bike make it ideal for city commuting needs.

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