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                      Super Deals 

                               1. Diamond Rings 
                               2. DTV Receiver 
                               3. Microsoft Office    
                               4. Symantec AntiVirus   
                               5. Furniture 
                               6. All-In-One Printer    
                               7. MP3 Player    
                               8. Bluetooth Headset    
                               9. USB Hard Drive    
                             10. Necklaces



      Best Selling Products

        1. iPod    
        2. Camcorder 
        3. HP Laptop Computer  
        4. Sonicare Brush  
        5. Canon Digital Camera  
        6. Adidas Shoes
        7. Clarins Skin Care  
        8.  GPS
        9.  Samsung HDTV  
       10. Coach Handbag   


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